New blog, New game

I’m pleased to say I’ve started working on a new game! It’s a simplified empire-building strategy game with an rpg-style narrative and quest system. By “simplified empire-building” I mean something like Risk, but my game will procedurally generate both the map and quests. I just started developing the prototype, and here’s a screenshot of the world map so far:


Real exciting map huh? Okay so this is a very primitive prototype; I’m ultimately shooting for something closer to, let’s see, Nobunaga’s Ambition:


I’ve been planning this game for a while actually, but I’m at the point where I need to build a prototype to see what works and what doesn’t. Once I have a playable prototype I can keep tweaking stuff in the design, plus I can share the game with other people to see what they think.

That last point is why I’m building the prototype in HTML5/JavaScript. I was planning to use Unity for the final game (I mean, I like Unity so much I wrote a book) but making a browser-playable prototype will make it easy to share. I can just throw the web game onto itch and then post the link on a bunch of forums. I was planning to then re-write the game in Unity once I’ve tested the skeletal prototype for a while, but honestly now I’m leaning towards building the entire game in HTML5; while the prototype will be playable in a browser to make it easy to share, the final game can be deployed as a desktop app using NW.js or Electron and then sold on Steam.

Incidentally, in the course of working on this prototype I needed a decoupled event message system, so I wrote one. It’s pretty simple code but has a major advantage over similar systems I’ve seen: this event system has the ability to set the ‘this’ keyword in the callback function to the object you want. Because of how JavaScript sets ‘this’, callback functions are often set to a different object than desired.

So if you’re programming in JavaScript and need a decoupled event message system, here ya go!

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