Oops, a new game idea has appeared

So as described in my last post, lately I’ve mostly been working on the second edition of my book. In particular, the one new chapter, about developing a 2D platformer in Unity, is done. Very soon (probably in just two days) it’ll be available through MEAP; my publisher, Manning, does early access while the books are being written.

Besides that though, I’ve been planning to resume developing my own game after the book is finished. Up until a couple weeks ago I had been assuming I would resume working on the strategy game. However, I’ve been gripped by a new idea lately and will probably start developing that instead. I feel bad about abandoning the strategy game because it’s pretty interesting, and will probably pick it up again in the future, but for now the new idea I’ve had has a number of advantages.

In a nutshell, I’m planning to do a very simple first-person dungeon crawler; basically a clone of Shining in the Darkness:


I’m planning on that for a couple reasons, a big one being that the art needs are extremely simple, so I can hopefully find existing art assets and crank out the game in a minimum of time. I’m not planning on a super intricate or consistent story, so I’ll use pretty much any monsters or characters in approximately the right style. For example, I’m considering buying basically all the “Animated 2D Monster” packs from this vendor.

Meanwhile, the other main reason is that I thought of a clever way to monetize it as a free game with ads, and really want to test out that monetization approach. I had been implementing ads in game at work, and then I started reminiscing about Shining in the Darkness, and that’s when a lightbulb went off. If my idea works, it’ll be good for both players (it’s free!) and me (it’s money!) so fingers crossed!

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