Portraits, Inventory, Saving

Here’s a video showing off updates since last month:

The main things added are character portraits, a grid for selecting spells and items, and saving the game.

I’ve actually had the character illustrations for a while (purchased off Unity’s asset store) but hadn’t been displaying them in game until now. Similarly, the other information shown on the party info popup, like stats and what weapons are equipped, were in fact in the game already, but you couldn’t see them anywhere.

The next big addition was the selection popup for both spells and inventory. Currently it’s only hooked up to the buttons in combat, but eventually I’m going to make it accessible outside of combat. And just like stats, your characters already had healing items and such, you just couldn’t see it until now.

The final feature I worked on this month was saving and loading. I’m still going to work on it more (among other things, it doesn’t save your current location, and I eventually want to be able to restore the game in the middle of combat, so players can leave at any time if they need to), but now the game auto-saves everything about your characters and inventory, and can load them back if you choose Continue at the beginning.


I also want to discuss the status of the first playable prototype. Last month I had discussed delaying it until the core loop is complete. Well, I’ve decided to delay it again but for a different reason: The second edition of my book is going to be released very soon, and I don’t want to be managing the first look at my game while also hustling for my book. Thus, I’m going to wait until everything for my book settles down and then release my first playable prototype. That’ll probably be two more months, giving me time to work in a few more additions to the game.

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