Character Select Menu

The most visible addition to the game this past month is the character select menu when you start a new game:


Character select is pretty snazzy eh? That said, most of the work I did this past month was actually on the town; it’s just none of that is visible quite yet.

All the data for character select (ie. the character classes, male and female images, etc.) already existed, but you couldn’t select them before. Well, now you can! All this time I had been testing with a hard-coded party, but for the prototype’s release I wanted players to be able to customize their party.

Incidentally, I did have to make one small addition to the character data: default names. I happened to see this comic, and realized NOPE not happening to me!


As for the town, I first had to write all the JSON for shops. Unlike characters, I hadn’t already done that part months ago đŸ˜›

That data is largely done now, so I’m implementing the menu that pops up when you click the town on the map. I’m going to simply have a menu of shops for the prototype, rather than the full graphical town I first imagined. And then it’s possible I’ll wait until after release to develop the graphical town; depending on how people react during playtesting, I may be better off simply cutting that work for now.

I haven’t yet programmed the functionality for entering a shop, but here’s the list of shops:


Switching subjects from my game to my book, I am getting pretty frustrated that it still isn’t released. I mean, I get that stuff like indexing and typesetting takes time, and it’s entirely possible it’ll be released literally tomorrow, but geezus if you go back through my blog I finished writing the book in August!



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