Unity in Action 2nd ed. is out!

So the biggest news this month is that my book is finally completely released! It has been a really long time since I finished writing it, but I suppose this is just the downside of Manning having a high quality bar and spending months on making everything perfect. At any rate, the book is available on both their website and on Amazon.

As for my RPG, this has felt like my single most productive month. I realize this is because of multiple systems I implemented months ago falling into place (eg. the data models for shops have existed this entire time, but you couldn’t see it) but it still feels awesome.


Pretty much everything I did this month falls into the broad theme of menu systems, but that covers a lot of ground. This gif shows the equip functionality. When you look at information about the party, you can click a button to see that character’s weapons and armor, and then bring up a grid showing your inventory.

Similarly, I also implemented the menu system for shops in town:


First you click a button on the list of shops in town. Then you see the shopkeeper, and a list of sale categories. There’s even a confirmation popup when you attempt to buy; until I added that, there was no feedback when you purchase an item, making it easy to get confused.

Now the menu system is almost entirely done, and it’s plenty for the first prototype release. Next month I’ll be adding some more enemies to give the game a bit of variety, and then I’ll post a WebGL build of the game on sites like itch and Kongregate.

Incidentally, in addition to my book about Unity coming out this month, so did the tutorial on procedural maze generation I wrote for raywenderlich.com

One last bit of related news, tomorrow afternoon I’m going to do an AMA on the gamedev reddit. As my book neared release, a number of people have asked me questions about it (especially the process of writing and publishing a tech book) so I decided to run a session for people to ask questions. If you have questions for me, watch my Twitter for the start!

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