3D Puzzle for Oculus Go

Alright so what I did this past month may seem a bit out of left field…

I developed a 3D puzzle game to put on Oculus Go! The game is almost complete but still missing touches like, say, a name. I uploaded a web build to itch.io for people to try out and give me feedback.


This probably looks like a huge departure from the dungeon crawler I’ve been developing, and well it is a large departure from that. Ordinarily I would be strongly against taking a detour like this, but I was really inspired by Oculus Go coming out.

Long story short, I’ve not gotten VR equipment like Rift or Vive because the need to be tethered to a PC seemed annoying. However, the all-in-one design of the Go, plus that attractive price point, made me really excited to get an Oculus Go. So excited that I came up with and started developing a game for it before I’d even gotten a headset!


Ironically, because the Go’s tracking is only 3-DoF, controls designed for it work pretty well with a mouse. I may try to go wide with this as a web game too.

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