Demolo is playable on Oculus Go!

As laid out last month, there are 3 main tasks in order to port Demolo from the web build to work on Oculus Go: HMD controls, adjusting the UI, and replacing mouse with tracked controller. Well, I’ve done all three, so all the main tasks are done!

Now there’s just assorted polishing left to do (mostly glitches in the UI) and then submitting Demolo to the Oculus app store. I haven’t done a ton of research on their submission process, so I have no idea how long it takes (eg. is there a review period like iOS apps?) Aside from the unknown submission time, I estimate another week and Demolo will be released on Oculus Go!

I will of course be posting another blog update with a link to the live app.

The final week will just be spent on visual polish, not actually changing anything fundamental. The game is complete and playable, which is pretty awesome for me to test! It really does feel just as cool as I imagined to spin around the blocks and make matches in VR. Getting the UI to respond to the Oculus Go controller instead of a mouse was tricky (and as mentioned, still kinda glitchy) but making block placement respond to the tracked controller was a piece of cake.

I must say though, implementing the controller absolutely did not take an entire month. I’m rather cross with myself for waiting until the last week of August to get around to that, but at least I have a good reason: I moved at the beginning of the month, so I’ve been really busy setting up the new house. When I abruptly realized Demolo will still not be released on Oculus Go after another month has passed, I went into a frenzy of implementing the tracked controller.

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