Woohoo, about to submit!

Man, there was a lot more to do than expected to prepare Demolo’s submission to the Oculus Store. However I’ve prepared the mass of promotional images and videos they need, so I’ll submit the game very soon, possibly this weekend.

Indeed, I probably could have submitted it the day after I finished the trailer, except I had to pause to put together my GDEX presentation. I’m going to be delivering a talk there this weekend!

In my last blog post I thought the biggest time sink remaining for submission would simply be their review time, but I didn’t realize there were so so many promotional images needed. A hi-res logo on transparent background, store icons in a variety of specific sizes, a VR cubemap, etc. Here’s just a taste:


Besides all those still images, I also made a video trailer. The date on the YouTube video indicates I made it a week and a half ago, and that was the last promotional asset I needed to make. The only other things I need to do before hitting the Submit button are adjusting settings in the Android manifest, so I’m really really hoping I can find the time to do that right after presenting at GDEX.

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