Merry day-after-Christmas! There’s not a ton in this update, and I’m more or less continuing the theme of last month’s update: regrouping and setting up my next projects.

Unexpectedly, I seem to be onto yet another new project. I was really intending to get back to my turn-based dungeon crawler (really) but an opportunity came up that I’m jumping on. Specifically, I got to talking with a development partner for some projects we are both interested in working on, so yeah I’m doing that now. Good development partners are hard to find, and while I only just met this guy he seems promising, so I’m giving this the ol’ college try.

Basically, he was asking some questions on reddit about how to go about cloning Car Thief. Well as it happens, I’d been considering a series of lightweight management sims like that. I’m a fan of games like Drugwars and Urban Dead, so those seemed like a good way to make some ad-supported games on mobile. Long story short, that conversation turned into an offer of partnership.

Incidentally, there are two major personal developments that will greatly impact my projects going forward. One is that I’m about to start a new job. I’ll be working at Peak6, which is a financial investment firm. I was initially confused why a trading company would be hiring a game programmer, but they are doing some really interesting things with internal tools. Hope the new job turns out well!

Even more significantly, I just had a daughter! This is my second kid, whoo

3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. (Late) Merry Christmas, and congratulations to you and your wife!
    Saw your post on r/gamedev, and your blog’s been very helpful reading. Thank you, and good luck with everything.. Hope you find some time to work on your own projects, because it sounds like your life is about to get REALLY busy.


    1. Hey glad you found use in what I’ve been writing! I certainly also hope I find time; that’s a large part of why I’ve shifted plans to these lightweight management sims developed with a partner.


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