In which I discovered Roll-and-Write games…

A fairly brief and text-only update this month. The main thing I want to share is a kind of game called “roll-and-write“. But before I discuss that more, I should announce that I started a new job! I’m taking charge of the Unity-side of AR projects at BUNDLAR.

If you’re thinking “wait, didn’t you just start a new job?” well sort of; I started working at PEAK6 at the beginning of the year, and switching jobs after less than a year isn’t normally my style. But the team I was recruited into was an experiment for them, and evidently they decided the experiment wasn’t working out, because they decided to dissolve the team.

So being laid off was obviously not pleasant, but the timing worked out that I was looking for a new position when BUNDLAR was looking for a senior Unity developer. “When one door closes, something something.

Anyway, back to “roll-and-write” games. An offshoot of boardgames, this is a style of game in which you, well, roll dice and write marks. Roll-and-writes are technically a classic style of game, since one of the best known and oldest examples is Yahtzee. That said, I haven’t seen other examples of this style of game until very recently, and only learned the term “roll-and-write” this past month.

More sophisticated roll-and-writes are basically stripped down roleplaying or resource management games. That makes them perfectly in line with what I’m working on and/or will be working on soon. I’m going to be studying these games to mine them for ideas!

What exactly I do in response is somewhat up in the air. I’m thinking I’ll start working on the 3rd edition of my book soon, so I’ll probably back-burner other personal projects.

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