Procedural Gear Generation

So I’m homebound, just like most everyone else. I was actually already working remotely most of the time so this hasn’t been a huge change for me personally, but the pandemic is causing big difficulties for everyone around me. Like, say, my mom who lives in South Korea, or my sister who is a doctor in New York City.


As for my coding projects, quite a while ago (around a year) I’d seen a reddit post about this interesting approach to generating pixel art equipment. I’ve had it bookmarked all this time, intending to try this myself.

I finally got around to implementing this in Unity. Not as a standalone tool that spits out an image file, but rather my thinking is to use this for generating loot in a roguelike. I mean, look at this variety of swords generated in a snap:


But now I’m thinking I can actually adapt this approach to generate higher resolution images, not just pixel art. It’ll still be simple looking, but I’ve got an idea to generate the vertices of a mesh this way, rather than individual pixels. If that works, it would be a really cool way of doing loot for a fully 3D roguelike (or roguelite, depending on how you want to define the terms.)

Incidentally, working on this has also put my unfinished dungeon crawler back in my head. I may dust off that project and actually finish it…

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