Simple RPG Combat

This past month I was simply cranking away on the simplistic but narrative-heavy RPG I’m currently engrossed in. Maybe I should talk to Michael about giving the game a name…

The most interesting new addition I’ve made is the turn-based combat system:

It’s fairly straightforward and standard for turn-based RPGs. The white blocks in the GIF will of course be sprites eventually, and are simply placeholders until I have character art.

The best part of how this system is designed is that the animations are all tweens of the images sliding around and shaking when hit. That means the character art can be static images, rather than animated sprites. This makes creating the art significantly easier; here’s a character I drew as an experiment:

Since this is a vector graphic, it’s easy to edit (eg. replace the hair, recolor parts) for other characters. I don’t know if this art will be in the final game or is simply programmer art to replace, but it’s good to have this option.

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