Developing the Interface

I’m starting to flesh out the graphical interface for my as-yet unnamed RPG. At this point I’ve implemented pretty much all the systems for the game, so tying everything together with a cohesive and attractive interface is my next main challenge.

For example, this animation shows off equipping weapons. First I go into combat before equipping any weapons, and you can see both my Attack stat and that there’s only one action option at the bottom. Then I equip an assault rifle, and you can see I now have a Shoot option in combat.

Those screenshots also show how dire the graphics currently are, however. So I am actively working on graphics now. First I’m going to develop a color scheme for our game, since the current purplish theme of the map was just me messing around and nothing matches right now. Then I’ll wireframe out a cohesive UI system. Among other things, I’m considering consolidating both Crafting and Equipping into a single Inventory management panel.

For developing a color scheme there are a bunch of tools that can help. Meanwhile we’ve talked about more of a rust color so I’ll start there. I’ve also been looking at some UI art packs I might purchase, and I’m thinking I might get this one and make the trims around buttons and windows a metallic color.

I’m also wondering if we should reach out to people to try to recruit an artist for our team. Michael and I have already discussed maybe doing a Kickstarter for funds to hire an artist with…

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