The game is looking better…

The graphics in this RPG project have definitely leveled up this month, so I have screenshots to show off. Also, while the game itself is still unnamed, we came up with a studio name: Midhaven Games! I went and registered an account on

If you recall how the map used to look, there were placeholder lines strewn about to test applying a texture on the generated regions. Well I finally got around to replacing those placeholders with icons from Kenney. I also made a danger level indicator using a skull from game-icons. I also changed up the colors with the help of a color scheme tool.

In general I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of procured assets. For example, I grabbed a UI asset from Unity’s store and now story happenings look like this:

The window frame, button, and font look pretty slick if I do say so myself. The panel on the left is still placeholder of course, and I eventually plan to wireframe out a total redesign of the interface.

That redesign is lower priority than just generally getting the game looking presentable though. I’ve also found resources like these for all the item icons, so enemy sprites are the trickier art need. In previous months I came up with a decent workflow for such graphics, and am still planning to create characters that way, but we’re also thinking we’ll run a Kickstarter for funds to replace those initial sprites with professional art.

On a different topic, we decided on Midhaven Games for a studio name. We just picked a location in the game and added “Games”, easy peasy.

For the game itself we’re putting a little more thought into the title, but this allowed me to register an account. I’m probably going to start blogging about the game there soon, and then my posts here will simply be links to that devlog.

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