Eschatown’s Prototype

We’ve just uploaded a prototype for you to download and try. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Just go to the game’s page for both Windows and Mac builds of Eschatown:

This version is still very early and rough, and very few sprites are in the game so far. However the writing and systems are pretty far along, so we are testing balance with this prototype. Let me know what you find!

The prototype obviously just caps out this month of development on the game. The two main additions since last month are item functionality and visual effects.

By “item functionality” I mean now you can use items. You can use bandages to regain health, throw grenades to damage enemies, etc. I haven’t quite finished all the item functionality (although items can both heal and damage, I still haven’t implemented status effects like blinding opponents) but this is the majority of it.

I also put in visual effects when attacking or using items. The graphics all come from this asset pack, but I still needed to integrate them into the combat system. Putting 3D particle effects into a 2D game requires a bit of trickery. Nothing super hard, just non-obvious.

This resource explains how to use particle effects on a UI canvas in Unity. Long story short, I had to switch the canvases from screen space Overlap to Camera, change their sorting order to -1, and set the distance to 10.

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