WIP Random Monsters, Combat, and Loot

Last month I showed off grid-based movement in a randomly generated dungeon, but now I’ve added the beginnings of combat, the beginnings of loot/treasure, and (most crucially) randomly generated monster sprites! Here are screenshots of the enemies taken from different play sessions:

I’ve finally integrated the monster generation system that was one of the two main inspirations for this project (the other being this video about what defines a roguelike, and me reacting by wondering about first-person view).

Meanwhile, I’ve also implemented the beginnings of the combat system. There’s still a ways to go to implement my Cobalt RPG system, but this already shows the mechanics of attacking an enemy when I attempt to move to a grid cell occupied by an enemy, as well as enemies attacking back every time I take a turn.

Oh, and I also threw in treasure chests that the player opens in the same way, by attempting to move onto. Here’s a screen recording showing these mechanics:

Hopefully by next month I’ll have the full RPG system implemented (hit chance, leveling up, that sort of thing) and then I might send out the prototype to some playtesters. It’ll still be far from my ultimate plan (portraits for the player, sprites for treasure, final textures for the level, etc.) but it’ll have the core game loop at that point.


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