AR news: Porting Demolo, Giving Talk

I have two bits of news relating to my work with augmented reality: I’m giving a talk about AR in Unity, and I’m gearing up to port Demolo to AR headsets.

The talk is just a presentation to this Unity user group. I’ve spoken to that group before, so the organizer invited me back to give another talk. My topic the previous time was procedural generation, but this time I’ll be discussing AR (and especially AR Foundation).

As for possibly porting Demolo, it starts by noting that I work at Qualcomm, and they have an SDK called Snapdragon Spaces. Spaces is for AR headsets, and supports both Unity and Unreal.

Meanwhile, one of my coworkers happened to play the WebGL demo of Demolo. I developed this VR game years ago for Oculus Go, and he noted that it’d work well in AR. It’s been years since I tried to commercialize it so I don’t mind making this a free game on Qualcomm’s platform. As soon as I get the time, I’m going to port this over!


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