Year: 2023

Player Avatars

I’ve turned my attention to the UI for my cartoony RPG. Although I’m still not done working on the dungeon texturing, I realized I’ve been wasting too much time on those experiments. Rather than becoming mired on one thing, it’s much more productive to just move on with the rest of the game and come back to that later. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up commissioning an artist to make some new textures.

Anyway here’s how the UI looks so far (notice the player portrait and health/mana meters in the top corner):

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Algorithm for Aiming at a Moving Target

There are a couple old projects I recently realized aren’t visible anymore (because they were using old player technologies) so I decided to dust them off and do WebGL builds of them. I’ll talk about the other next month, but in this blog post I just want to focus on one, the demo of an algorithm I devised for aiming at a moving target. The interactive demo is on my space at

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