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Simple RPG Combat

This past month I was simply cranking away on the simplistic but narrative-heavy RPG I’m currently engrossed in. Maybe I should talk to Michael about giving the game a name…

The most interesting new addition I’ve made is the turn-based combat system:

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Working on an RPG: Generating the Map

I’m now over a month into the basic RPG I mentioned in the last post, so a bunch of systems are in place. In my last post I talked a lot about the narrative system Ink, but this time I want to get back to what is a frequent topic on my devlog: procedural generation of maps. Here is what I came up with for the map of city regions:


(The weird batches of horizontal lines are actually lines of text. That’s just to test applying textures to quads strewn about the map, and will eventually be replaced with images of buildings and trees.)

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