Player Avatars

I’ve turned my attention to the UI for my cartoony RPG. Although I’m still not done working on the dungeon texturing, I realized I’ve been wasting too much time on those experiments. Rather than becoming mired on one thing, it’s much more productive to just move on with the rest of the game and come back to that later. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up commissioning an artist to make some new textures.

Anyway here’s how the UI looks so far (notice the player portrait and health/mana meters in the top corner):

Obviously those UI meters are pretty bare-bones and nothing interesting, but the portrait image was a good find. That was generated with this cartoon avatar tool, and aside from the clothes (which I may modify later) this fits the style of my game perfectly. The info text at the bottom says it’s free for both personal and commercial purposes, so I should be good!


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