Flock following Waypoints

As mentioned last month, I rebuilt a couple old projects in WebGL. One of these old projects was actually my first creation in Unity!

This was the project I made when I was initially learning Unity. Incidentally (considering this project was already relatively complex for a newcomer) this demonstrates how I was already familiar with game development when I started using Unity. I was simply learning to map what I already knew to the Unity platform, rather than learning everything from scratch.

As I recall, I first created this in Unity 4 using the old “JavaScript” API. A couple years later, I ported this to C# to start learning that language. It’s that later port I found amongst my old repos on BitBucket.

Well, I realized it only existed online for Unity’s old web player, so I opened the old repository in a newer version of Unity and built it for WebGL: https://jhocking.itch.io/flock-demo


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